Professional Waxing and Tinting Rome GA

 Body Waxing

Lower Arm Waxing                                                        $20
Full Arm Waxing                                                            $40 & Up
Bikini Waxing                                                                 $32 & Up
Upper Leg Waxing                                                          $35
Lower Leg Waxing                                                          $35

Full leg Waxing                                                               $60
Under Arm Waxing                                                         $20

Also Available upon request.......
Stomach Wax, Back Wax & Chest Wax
Priced according to time involved
Waxing can not be done on same day as using a tanning bed


Facial Waxing

Upper Lip Waxing                                                            $10
Eye Brow Waxing                                                               12
Side of Face Waxing                                                           12
Chin Waxing                                                                       10
Full Face waxing                                                                 25
Upper Lip & Eye Brow Combo                                          20

Waxing is not recommended for diabetics or persons on any prescribed
Dermatologist's medicine


Lash & Brow Tinting

Lash & Brow Tint                                                              $25
Brow Tint                                                                            12
Lash Tint                                                                             18
Eye Brow Tweezing                                                             12

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