Massage Therapist Rome GA

Swedish Massage

A full therapeutic massage for the whole body, as well as concentration on requested areas.



Pre-Natal Massage

Relaxation massage is done from beginning of the second trimester to delivery.



Myofascial Release                        

A gentle stretching of the body which gives deep release and relaxation. This unique therapy is great for stress relief and that tired, achy feeling.



Aromatic Raindrop Immunity Booster    

Relax and heal as the power of the seven therapeutic aromatherapy oils are individually drizzled down and massaged into the spine. As a warm towel activates the healing properties of the essential oils, you are nurtured with a leg and foot massage.


Foot Relief                              

This special massage of the feet brings a relaxation and release felt throughout the entire body. (1/2 hour)



LaStone Therapy

The ultimate relaxation treatment. Your body is nestled between hot basalt rocks and cool marble. The rocks are glided over your body with warm hydrating oil. The heat of the rocks penetrates into aching muscles, allowing them to release with ease. The contrast between the hot and cool rocks allows the body to detoxify itself.  


Aloe Vera Body Wrap

This healthy inch loss program is a method of taking off inches, tightening the skin and detoxifying the body. It involves wrapping the body with a cotton cloth that has been soaked in our All Natural Aloe Vera and Herb Solution.



Thai Herbal Poultice

Indulge in 90 minutes of pure relaxation.  A treatment that awakens your senses with aromatherapy oils, balances your body with Thai pressure points and puts you in a deep state of relaxation with the heated herbal poultice.  


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