Spa Facials Rome GA


Deluxe Facial                                   $70
During this facial, dead skin cells are removed from the face, leaving the skin softer and allowing better penetration of products. A vial is then applied to bring balance and harmony to the skin. The results are a healthy glow and a more youthful appearance.

Deep Cleansing Facial                     $75
During this facial, an enzyme peel is used to remove dead skin and break up the oil, which causes breakouts. Steam is then applied to soften the outer layer of the skin to allow easy removal of impurities. A vial is applied to balance and calm the skin, along with a mask to purify and close pores.
This treatment is recommended for clients with minor breakouts.

Poultice Facial                                   $95
An hour facial that helps detox, nourish and contour the skin.  The warm herbal poultice is used to relax the tension in your facial muscles as the healing properties of the herbs refine your skin leaving a healthy glow.

Acne Facial                                   $75

A facial treatment designed to help treat pustules and blackheads. During this facial, there is a thorough cleansing, deep exfoliation, steam and extractions of impurities. A toner, purifying mask and a balancing moisturizer finish off the treatment.  This treatment may be recommended in a series.

Men's Executive Treatment          $70
An intensive cleansing facial that aids the reduction of ingrown hairs and skin irritation. Helps revitalize and hydrate the skin.

Eye Treatment                             $12 with a facial   $24 a la carte
A treatment designed for the delicate tissue around your eyes.

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